Education in Turkey
Turkey is a country with many opportunities and benefits for foreign students. With improving opportunities and education quality, it continues to be an attractive country for students.

The number of universities is high and they have great varieties in terms of hosting multiple cultures, making Turkey the dream education centre for many youngsters. Students aspiring to study abroad first need to decide on where they want to live. With smaller and larger provinces, Turkey offers a great variety in terms of living spaces and the international environment that has been created makes Turkey a centre of attraction.

By offering high quality education, Turkish universities are integrated to the European education. Foreign students studying in Turkey pay lower education contributions when compared to many other countries. Students wishing to continue their education with post graduate programs after graduation are granted this right. Students graduating from Turkish universities have various employment opportunities after their graduation. As Turkey is a preferred destination for international investors, students have the opportunity to be recruited in global companies.

Student Potential in Turkey 
• Turkey is among the European countries with the highest student population. 
• It is also a country highly preferred by foreign national students coming from abroad. 
• It accommodates many students from the Middle East, Central Asia and Azerbaijan.
• Having a high young population creates a dynamic and energetic academic life.

Activities for Students in Turkey
• As well as satisfying he student in socio-cultural terms, Turkey also offers the chance to get to know and adopt the local culture.
• There are many opportunities for students to develop themselves in every aspect through international certificate programs, symposiums, scientific studies, gigs, galleries, theatres and many other similar domestic activities.
• There are affordable places for the students within the campus.

Higher Education System
The higher education system in Turkey is supervised by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE). Universities decide upon their own academic calendars; however, academic year generally starts in September and ends in June. There are winter and summer breaks. 
Turkish Universities Offer:
* Associate's degree programs
* Bachelor’s degree programs
* Graduate programs
* Post-graduate programs.  

Associate's Degree Programs
Associate’s degree programs take 2 years. Vocational high school graduates can qualify for associate’s degree programs without taking any centralized exams. 
Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Bachelor’s degree programs generally take 4 years. Specialized bachelor’s degree programs, such as medicine (6 years), may be longer.
Graduate Programs
Universities in Turkey offer a wide range of graduate programs. While master’s programs take about 2 years (non-thesis master’s programs generally take 1½ years), doctoral programs take about 4 years.
Post-graduate Programs
Post-graduate opportunities are also available in universities in Turkey. Duration depends on the program and university.

Accommodation Opportunities
There are many institutions in Turkey for student accommodation. These institutions are safe and well inspected places. Students can also stay at nearby university dormitories or private dormitories at affordable prices. Furthermore, students can opt to rent an apartment to suit his/her budget and create his own private living area. 
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Scholarship opportunities with Turqua Group
Through the special agreements made with universities, Turqua Group is offering special scholarships and discounts at the rates of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. When foreign students decide to apply through Turqua; they can avail of special scholarships specific for Turqua only and their applications and follow-up procedures are meticulously done. Then for students achieving academic success, 100% scholarship opportunities are also available with Turqua. 
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Other Scholarships
For details on scholarships in Turkey, please visit;

The medium of instruction in the most higher education institutions in Turkey is Turkish and/or English. There are also a few higher education institutions where the medium of instruction is German or French. In addition, many universities where the medium of instruction is Turkish offer some of their courses in other languages. However, if you are admitted to an academic program where the language of instruction is Turkish, you are expected to learn Turkish.
Turkey is also an ideal place for international students who study in English but wish to learn Turkish, which is one of the mostly spoken languages in the world.  If you are also willing to enhance your Turkish living experience by learning Turkish, there are some alternative ways to do so:
• Turkish Language Teaching and Research Center at the respective university (TÖMER)
• TURQUA GROUP Turkish Language Center 
• Online Turkish Certificate Program, offered by ONLINE EDUCATION CENTER (Registered trademark of Turqua Group)
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